Why we are going to kill IE

Why we are going to kill IE

Browser compatibility is a pain for all web developers. Every time you design a web application more complex than a simple web page, you spent about 60% of your time trying to bypass browsers bugs and limitations. The most important example is Internet Explorer, aka IE. Microsoft stopped to invest in its browser several years ago. The actual situation is that even the more recent versions of this browser are fully of bugs, and they lack for decent support to CSS3 and SVG.

We spent a lot in the past trying to guarantee a decent compatibility of our wireless home automation system between the three more widespread browsers: IE, Firefox and Chrome. But now, we have decided to stop to give full support to IE. The reason? It doesn’t allow us to push HomeNET to a next level. Need an example? We are already working on the next release of HomeNET: HomeNET 3.4 (We know what are you thinking: where is HomeNET 3.3? We’ll announce it in the next few days, stay tuned ;-)) HomeNET 3.4 will include more sophisticated tools to compare energy consumptions.

Isn’t it sexy? 🙂 The problem with these graphs is that they are based on D3JS, a powerful JavaScript library that uses SVG browser capabilities. Versions before IE 10.x don’t provide decent support to SVG. This doesn’t allow D3JS to work in a reasonable manner. So we have two choices: to keep giving support to IE and don’t invest on these graphs, or to forget IE and looking forward. Our choice? Try to hit it! 🙂

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One more reason? Looking to access statistics of our web site, we can see that IE users are getting less and less (11.6% of total users in the last 3 days).  All together: bye bye IE!

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