Professional solutions for a wireless world

AirQ Networks develops a world of professional wireless sensors and control boards. Our devices can be used to build complex and reliable solutions ranging from home automation to industrial control applications. Using a flexible and powerful web oriented approach, all AirQ Networks devices can be controlled through the Internet allowing users to interact with their devices wherever they are.

Thanks to it’s exceptional wireless long-range technology, AirQ Networks products can be simply installed wherever needed, giving maximum installation flexibility and reducing all costs related to cables and installation costs.

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Our long-range wireless technology allows to place devices where needed. With a little effort.

Web Oriented
Web technology allows users to control their devices wherever they are.

Simple Installation
No need to use hundreds meters of cable, and you are free to rearrange devices if needed.

Our smart solutions allow you to send E-Mail and text messages (SMS) to signal alarms.

Mobile Ready
Out control units are completely accessible with a modern and mobile compatible interface.

Video Gallery
Take a look to our growing video gallery and see how it’s simple to use our products.


Smart Home

HomeNET is the platform dedicated to home automation. Thanks to HomeNET control unit it’s really simple to control different aspects of your home. Lights, heating system, doors, rolling shutters are just few examples. HomeNET was designed to be simple to install, configure and use. And it has a really competitive price!

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Industrial Automation

AirQ Networks professional line is designed to build Industrial Automation solutions. Several types of control boards, with different combinations of relays and inputs, allow automating different processes with just few steps. All our professional control boards provide battery backup, allowing to use them to build fault-tolerant applications.

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Cold-chain Control

With more than ten combinations of wireless sensors, AirQ Networks products offer one of the best solutions on the market for the cold-chain monitoring. Our low-cost and battery powered wireless sensors are designed to work down to -40°C and they can be placed directly inside frozen rooms and freezer.

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