The new HomeNET 3.6 goes multiuser!

We are really happy to announce that the new HomeNET 3.6 is out!  This release introduces a really important feature: multi-user subsystem. Thanks to this feature it’s now possible to add new users to the HomeNET control unit and it’s possible to define their roles.

Multiuser home automation systemThere are seventeen different roles that can be assigned to a user, allowing to completely define what a user can do with the system. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of user that can be added to the system.

Improved scheduled scenes

In this release we worked hard to improve scheduled scenes. We added the ability to control the time granularity of scenes on the calendar, and it’s now possible to add scenes even with a duration of one minute. We also improved the way recurring scenes appears on the calendar.

Schermata 05-2456807 alle 16.04.16

How to update

To update your HomeNET control unit to the latest version, go to Setup->Maintenance, click on the “Check” button and follow the instructions. Please, remember that to update the control unit you need to enter your MyHOME credentials in the Setup->Access Credentials section.

We strongly recommend to do a backup of the control unit database. To do the backup, go to Setup->Maintenance section and follow the instructions.

If you want to look these new features in action, visit our on-line demo.


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