The new HomeNET 3.4 is out!

We are really happy to announce that the new HomeNET 3.4 is out with a lot of new features that improve the user experience of our wireless home automation system. We worked hard to make HomeNET more user friendly and coherent in many of its parts. Moreover, we have introduced two new exciting functionalities. Let’s see them in depth.

New power consumption graphs

Since we introduced the new AirQ 325 control board with power consumption measurement, we have given to the user the ability to analyze its energy consumptions. However, we weren’t happy of consumption graphs and their ability to allow the user to obtain relevant information about energy consumptions. In HomeNET 3.4 we have introduced a totally redesigned graphs subsystem that allows the user to analyze data at a glance.

Slide background
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Two new graphs type allow to see daily, weekly, monthly and total energy consumptions. User can analyze data of each relay of a control board, and compare consumptions of all relays. Now it’s very intuitive to navigate inside this type of graphs.

New mobile dashboard

But the best is yet to come. Another important functionality introduced in HomeNET 3.4 is the new mobile interface. Now the user can access the dashboard from its mobile devices. The mobile interface was totally redesigned, and now it’s really simple to navigate it using a mobile device.




How to update

To update your HomeNET control unit to the latest version, go to Setup->Maintenance, click on the “Check” button and follow the instructions. Please, remember that to update the control unit you need to enter your MyHOME credentials in the Setup->Access Credentials section.

We strongly recommend to do a backup of the control unit database. To do the backup, go to Setup->Maintenance section and follow the instructions.

If you want to look these new features in action, visit our on-line demo.

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