The new HomeNET 3.2 is here: analyze your electricity consumptions!

The new HomeNET 3.2 is here: analyze your electricity consumptions!

We are really pleased to announce that the new HomeNET 3.2 is available for download! This is new release fixes several bugs affecting HomeNET 3.1 and introduces new exciting features. Let’s see them in depth.

Support to new AirQ 325 control board

Schermata 2013-09-30 a 17.53.31HomeNET 3.2 introduces support to the new AirQ 325 control board. AirQ 325 is a wireless control board that has the ability to measure the energy drained by devices connected to its relays. This new board will let you to analyze in depth your electrical energy costs.  HomeNET 3.2 allows you to see energy consumption in real time as well as analyze historical data related to energy consumption. You can analyze energy costs in a day, in a week, in month and in a whole year. Clear and self-explaining graphs will allow you to clearly see how much energy is consumed by devices. Moreover, it’s possible to define rules on the power consumption: for example, you can turn off a device if it’s draining too much power for a long time as well as set a rule that will send you and SMS (text message) if the device stops working (that is, its power consumption goes to zero).

Discover your public IP

Schermata 2013-09-30 a 18.04.26Thanks to MyHOME service and HomeNET 3.2 you can now know which is the public IP of your control unit automatically! There is no longer need neither of pay-to-use services like nor of complex configuration of your home Internet router. Now you can simply discover your public IP in these ways:


  1. From your HomeNET control unit, in the “Network” section (useful if you are connecting from your local LAN).
  2. From your MyHOME account, in the top-right area of the web page.

How to update

To update your HomeNET instance to the latest version, go to Setup->Maintenance, click on the “Check” button and follow the instructions. Please, remember that to update the control unit you need to enter your MyHOME credentials in the Setup->Access Credentials section.

We strongly recommend to do a backup of the control unit database. To do the backup, go to Setup->Maintenance section and follow the instructions.

If you want to look these new features in action, visit our on-line demo.

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