The new HomeNET 3.1 is out! Now with improved rules, scens and much more.

The new HomeNET 3.1 is out! Now with improved rules, scens and much more.

After several days of tests, we are ready to release the new HomeNET 3.1, with many new functionalities and tens of underlying optimizations that will speed up the software and your productivity.

The new HomeNET release introduces new exciting functionalities. Let’s see them.

Improved rules subsystem

We work a lot to improve the rules subsystem. In the previous versions of rules system, user could define only two conditions for a rule. Now it’s possible to define more than two conditions, allowing to build more complex rules, which interact with several devices at a time. Moreover, we added another interesting property actions for control board: On/Off relay group. This feature allows to turn ON/OFF more relays for a control board in the same time. This is really useful when you want to turn ON/OFF more devices in the same time (for example multiple lights).

One another exciting feature related to rules is the ability to setup rules on the weather conditions. Now it’s possible to define rules that do actions accord weather forecast. For example, you can automatically turn ON heating system if temperature is expected to be lower than a given threshold. You can also set HomeNET to warn you with a SMS (text message) if snow is expected. Isn’t it exciting?


HomeNET 3.1 introduces a new important functionality: the scenes. Scenes are the way to do complex actions with HomeNET. A scene is a set of actions. For example, suppose that you have the gazebo and patio lights that are controlled from two different control boards, and suppose that you want to turn ON them all together. A scene is a perfect solution for these kinds of task. Different from rules, scenes don’t have conditions. A scene can have four different states: ON/OFF and ENABLED/DISABLED. The ENABLED/DISABLED state is really useful to automatically enable/disable scenes according your use cases (to avoid conflicts between scenes).
You can also build rules that interact with scenes. Consider this other example. Suppose that you have a scene that allows to irrigate your garden controlling multiple valves. And suppose that you want to start irrigation in the evening. You can simply create a rule that turns ON/OFF the scene on a time basis. To simply control a scene (turn it ON/OFF) you can add a convenient widget on the dashboard, and choose the icon that best fits the scene.

External links

Starting from this release, you can use HomeNET to access external web resource like IP webcam or other systems as well other web sites like your favorite newspaper. This feature is called external links. External links is disabled by default. To enable it, just go to Setup->General Settings and enable it. External links offers a tabbed oriented interface where you can put external resources. This is really useful to access all your web-oriented devices in just one place.

How to update

To update your HomeNET instance to the latest version, go to Setup->Maintenance, click on the “Check” button and follow the instructions. Please, remember that to update the control unit you need to enter your MyHOME credentials in the Setup->Access Credentials section.

We strongly recommend to do a backup of the control unit database. To do the backup, go to Setup->Maintenance section and follow the instructions.

If you want to look these new features in action, visit our on-line demo.

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