Recovery procedure of an HomeNET/ColdNET unit

If a HomeNET/ColdNET unit stops working and it’s unreachable on the network, you could use one of the following recovery procedure, named respectively Hard Reset and Deep Reset.

Hard Reset

Hard Reset procedure consists to restore the unit to its factory defaults.

  1. Turn off the unit by disconnecting the power supply from the power outlet;
  2. Insert a pencil in the reset hole as shown in following figure:
    Schermata 2013-07-11 a 18.19.41
  3. Gently press the pencil. You will feel the touch of a button. Hold.
  4. Turn on the unit holding the button for 30 seconds;
  5. Leave the button removing the pencil.

The reset procedure needs at least two minutes to complete.

After reset, you will have to repeat the networks settings (using the HomeNET Finder to get the IP address). Please check for new software updates going to
“Setup->Manteinance->Check for software update”

Deep Reset

If the unit can’t start after Hard Reset, you have to do Deep Reset. Requirements:

  1. A PC.
  2. A SD card reader (also embedded in the PC).
  3. Download a software from this link.
  4. Download the last complete image of HomeNET from this link (for ColdNET download from this link).

To start the Deep Reset, please execute following operations.

  1. Turn off the unit.
  2. Remove the memory card from the unit and place it in the SD card reader.
  3. Launch the program downloaded previously.
  4. Double click on on the button “File” and select the image file downloaded previously.Snap 2013-10-12 at 23.02.15
  5. Click on “Continue >>>”
  6. In the next screen select the writing path of the SD card (for instance, E: o F:).
  7. Click on “Continue >>>” and then click “Start” in the next screen.

After the procedure is completed, remove the memory card, place it in the unit and repeat the network configuration (using the HomeNET Finder to get the IP address). Please check for new software updates going to
“Setup->Manteinance->Check for software update”

Why is this happening?

Several reasons can lead to blockage of the unit. The most common:

  1. Wrong network configuration. Warning: we suggest to assign a static IP to the unit after the first configuration. Some routers can’t renew the IP address after a while (technically it is said don’t renew the lease), so the unit can’t be reached on the network.
  2. Software update failed.
  3. Power cut during the update.
  4. Frequent power on / off removing the power supply.


Can’t write on the Memory Card

If you have problems on write on the memory card with the dedicated software, download this tool following the instructions. After the formatting, please repeat the Deep Reset.