Scheduled scenes in new HomeNET 3.3

New year, new HomeNET release! We are really pleased to announce that the new HomeNET 3.3 is available for download! This new version fixes several important bugs affecting HomeNET 3.2.x and introduces a really exciting feature.

Scheduled scenes

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HomeNET 3.3 provides the ability to schedule scenes. Using a practical yet powerful calendar, user can decide to plan the execution of scenes. For example, if you have a scene that turns ON or OFF the heating system, you can decide to turn ON/OFF the scene on a time basis using the calendar. When a scene is added to the calendar it is handled as an “event”. There are two types of event: single and recurring events. A single event is an event that happens only once; a recurring event is a scene that is executed one day/week/month for one week/month/year.

Since a rule can be activated and deactivated using scene, user can schedule the execution of rules too. This dramatically simplifies rules, as there is no longer need to use the TIME BETWEEN function in rules condition.

A pretty way to show rules

Schermata 2014-01-07 a 14.56.31HomeNET 3.3 gives a better way to show rules. First, now a practical counter near the control board/sensors shows you how many rules are defined on that device.


Second, rules are now lexicographically ordered by their name.

How to update

To update your HomeNET control unit to the latest version, go to Setup->Maintenance, click on the “Check” button and follow the instructions. Please, remember that to update the control unit you need to enter your MyHOME credentials in the Setup->Access Credentials section.

We strongly recommend to do a backup of the control unit database. To do the backup, go to Setup->Maintenance section and follow the instructions.

If you want to look these new features in action, visit our on-line demo.

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