Wireless I/O board AirQ 305

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AirQ 305 Control Board

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AirQ 305 is a wireless controller board that can be used to control many type of devices. It provides:

  • 4 relays that can be used to turn on and off lights, to control motors, pumps, valves and so on;
  • 4 isolated inputs that can be used to detect state of external devices or to interact with user through switches or other kind of tools.

Since all AirQ Control Units can be accessed by web, AirQ 305 is a really flexible solution to control devices by the internet.

Like all AirQ Networks boards, AirQ 305 is fully integrated into AirQ Networks platform and it can take advantage of the flexible rule system equipped with all AirQ Control Units in order to build complex application in just few clicks. AirQ 305 boards are fully accessible by modern mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile).


1 Wireless:  no wiring, no change for existing installation. Just put it wherever you need.

2 Web controlled: thanks to web oriented AirQ Networks architecture, all AirQ 305 boards are web accessibile.

4 Mobile ready: AirQ Networks web platform it’s fully compatibile with iPhone, Andorid and Windows Mobile devices.

5 SMS (text message) and E-Mail alarms: thanks AirQ Rule System it’s possibile to define alarms that start when a user defined event occurs. Alarms can be also sent by SMS (text message) and E-Mail without using additional device.

6 No programming required: AirQ 305 boards works just out of the box, without any particular technical skills.

7 Flexible and powerful rule system: AirQ 305 boards can be used with the flexible AirQ Networks graphical rule system. Just design your application and put it to work: they do all dirty work!

8 4 Output relays: AirQ 305 is equipped with 4 output relays that can be used to turn on and off devices.

9 4 Input I/O: AirQ 305 board provides 4 inputs to interact with other devices or user.

10 DIN Rail mount: AirQ 305 board are provided in a useful DIN rail mount enclosure.

AirQ 305 Specifications as release 1.0
Power 12 VDC @1A – Power switching adapter is strong recommended
Power plug DC Barrel Jack 5mm/2.1mm center pole. Center pole is the positive one
2 pole euro-style terminal block
Power consumption ~300mAh with all inputs and output running
Connectors n°4 two pole input terminals
n°4 three pole output terminal
n°1 two pole power terminal
n°1 DC Barrel Jack
Inputs n°4 digital inputs – Accepted voltage range: 3-48VDC
Outputs n°4 SPDT Relay
Relays specificationsModel A
Rated load (resistive / cosφ=1) 5A @250 VAC (NO/NC)     5A @24 VDC (NO/NC)
Rated carry current 5A
Max. switching voltage 250 VAC     24 VDC
Max. switching current 5A
Contact resistance 100 mΩ max
Life expectancy 10M operations mechanical / 100k at maximum load
Relays specificationsModel B
Rated load (resistive / cosφ=1) 10A @250 VAC (NO/NC)     10A @24 VDC (NO/NC)
Rated carry current 10A
Max. switching voltage 250 VAC     24 VDC
Max. switching current 10A
Contact resistance 100 mΩ max
Life expectancy 10M operations mechanical / 100k at maximum load
LED Indicators n°4 input
n°4 output
n°1 status
Wireless interface 434 Mhz
Operative distance More then 500 meters in open space
sNET Node type End Device – Router
Dimensions 84mm x 86mm x 20mm
Weight 100gr
Operating temperature -25 +55°C
Last hardware release AirQ 305 – r1.0
Last firmware release sNET protocol v. 4.2
Certifications RoHS Compliant; CE

AirQ 305 can be used in a unlimited number of applications. Being a flexible tool, it can be adapted to different usages and contexts. The AirQ graphical Rule System allows user to design its application and define how boards react to particular events. AirQ 305 can be successufully used to:

  • Control lights, motors and valves
  • Monitor electronic door locking
  • Control and activare alarm siren and other alarm systems
  • Interact with device driven by discrete signals
  • Extends distance of switches and other control tools, without use of cable
  • Do remote control of private property
  • Detect for main power failure 

Take a look to our Applications Repository to see pratical examples on how use AirQ Networks products!