Wireless I/O board AirQ 325 with power consumption meter

Powerful. Flexible. Useful.

AirQ 325 is the new wireless control board that brings AirQ Networks powerful and flexible automation platform to the next level.

AirQ 325 is equipped with four relays and four opto-isolated inputs. It provides also an integrated energy consumption meter that tracks power consumption of devices connected to its relays. Plus, thanks to the flexible AirQ Networks platform, you will have a lot of new possibilities to integrate it in your smart automation projects.



Inspired by our popular best seller.

AirQ 325 brings the same layout as our best seller AirQ 305. AirQ 305 redesigned the standards in this class: it features an exceptional long-range wireless technology, being powerful and affordable for every one. In the same way, AirQ 325 comes with four power relays able to drive up to 10A and four opto-isolated inputs that can interface DC devices in the range of 3-48VDC.

And it has a really compact design that allows you to place it wherever needed.



See the electrical usage in real time.

AirQ 325 has four integrated current sensors connected to the COM pin of its relays. This means that it can measure the power consumption of devices attached to its relays. The board performs electrical current measurement in real-time, and it sends data to an AirQ Networks control unit, allowing you to see how much power is drained.
Moreover, you can also keep track of energy costs in real-time.


TV con consumi

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Discover the exact power
usage of different devices.

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Discover the exact power
usage of different devices.


Analyze energy costs.

The new HomeNET 3.2 gives you the opportunity to perform analysis on your energy costs. Thanks to simple and clear historical graphs, it is possible to see how much current a device has drained in an hour, a day, a month and in a whole year. Moreover, estimation about costs is given, allowing you to save money, to identify hidden costs and broken devices.

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Rules: dreams come true.

The powerful rules system equipped with all AirQ Networks control units allows, in conjunction with an AirQ 325 control board, to setup rules related to power consumption of a device. For example, it is possible to turn OFF a device if it is draining too much energy for a long time, or you can setup the system to send you an SMS (text message) if a device stops working (that is, its power consumption goes to zero). In the same way, you can receive a message when someone turns ON a device.

These are just few examples of what you can do with the new AirQ 325 control board!



AirQ 325 is available both as naked board and in kit with a DIN rail compatible enclosure. You can buy it in our on-line shop.


You can download its technical manual clicking here.

Power supply 12VDC – Switching power supply is required
Power plug Barrel DC Jack; 2 pole terminal block
Connectors n°4 two pole input terminals
n°4 three pole output terminal
n°1 two pole power terminal
n°1 DC Barrel Jack
Inputs n°4 digital inputs
Accepted voltage range: 3-48VDC
Outputs n°4 SPDT Relays
Power consumption measuring
Measuring range 35 – 2300W @230VAC
20 – 1200W @120VAC
Measuring precision 10% / 35-100W @230VAC
10% / 20 – 50W @120AC 5% / 100 – 2300W @230VAC
5% / 50 – 1200W @120VAC
DC Current
measuring allowed
Measuring type  RMS with zero crossing detection


Relay Specifications 
Rated load (resistive / cosφ=1) 10A @250 VAC (NO/NC)
10A @24 VDC   (NO/NC)
Rated carry current 10A
Max. switching voltage 250 VAC     24 VDC
Max. switching current 10A
Contact resistance 100 mΩ max
Life expectancy 10M operations mechanical
100k at maximum load
LED indicators n°4 input
n°4 output
n°1 status
Radio frequency 434 Mhz
Operative distance More then 500 meters in open space
sNet Node Type End Device – Router
Dimensions 84mm x 86mm x 20mm
Weight 140gr
Operating temperature -10 +55°C
Last hardware release AirQ 325 – r1.3
Last firmware release sNET protocol v. 5.0
Certifications RoHS Compliant; CE

AirQ 325 is compatible with the following AirQ Networks control units and smart transceivers.


HomeNET control unit running HomeNET 3.2 or higher


ColdNET control unit running ColdNET 3.2 or higher


AirQ ShielD 2.0

What is the precision of current meter?

According to the technical manual, AirQ 325 power meter has a precision of 10% in the range of 0-100W @230VAC / 0-50W @120VAC and a precision of 5% for higher power.

What does it mean that AirQ 325 measuring range is 35-2300W?

AirQ 325 is designed to handle loads up to 10A. Moreover, its current sensors can’t reliably resolve power below 35W @230VAC / 20W @120VAC. So, if a device consumes less than 35W @ 230VAC AirQ 325 will report its power consumption as zero.

Can I measure currents higher than 10A?

Absolutely not. AirQ 325 is not designed to handle load more than 10A. Neither its relays nor its PCB were designed and tested to handle more than 2300W @230VAC / 1200W @120VAC.

Why does power consumption change during the day?

There are several reasons why this happens. First of all, there are devices designed to adapt their power consumption (eg., a computer). Next, AC voltage is not stable during the day, but it fluctuates in a range that the electric utility declares admissible.

AirQ 325 measurement differs from what declared by the manufacturer of my device

First, consider that AirQ 325 was not designed to be a bench test tool. Second, manufacturer declaration about power consumption usually are quite optimistic.

I compared AirQ 325 with my bench tester and they differ. What about this difference?

As the above FAQ, AirQ 325 was not designed to be a bench test tool. If you need a higher precision, you need a different tool.

Ok. But the measurement is totally different!

Please, read carefully the installation manual. When installing AirQ 325 inside electrical box, avoid to place wires above or under the control board. Moreover, ensure that all metallic parts of the electrical box are correctly connected to the ground.

Live Demo

There is nothing better than taking a look to our live demo! The demo is not a simulation: it is real. Take your browser to http://airq200.airqnetworks.com:9090 and use the following credentials to log in:

username: admin
password: demo

And Enjoy it!