One product. Many uses.

AirQ 340 is the new control control board from AirQ Networks with digital-to-analog (DAC) capabilities. Thanks to the 0-10V widespread industrial standard, this board allows to control from the Internet every type of device that is controllable thorough an analog signal. AirQ 340 can be extensively used for lightning applications, to interface LED dimmers and electronic ballasts, as well as engines and many other devices.


Fully integrated in HomeNET

AirQ 340 is completely integrated into the HomeNET platform. This allows you to regulate the system connected to the wireless DAC from the Internet, wherever you are in the world, from the PC or your smartphone, being still able to control it using local switches connected to inputs. Thanks to rules and scenes system, you can build custom automation with just few steps. For example, you can build scenes to adjust the brightness of your LED depending on the atmosphere you want to build, or based on the hours of the day.


An eye to saving energy

AirQ 340 provides a convenient power relay that is activated when the output voltage goes above 0V and turned off when it returns to 0V. This relay can be used to turn on/off the device connected to the AirQ 340, while minimizing energy consumption. Some LED power supply, in fact, never turns off completely when dimmed to the minimum level.


Different adjustment capabilities

AirQ 340 gives the possibility to setup the maximum output voltage, adapting it to the connected device. In this way, even by the use of local switches connected to inputs it is possible to easily tune the output voltage of the DAC, which exposes a resolution of 10 bits and a precision of 5%.



Mobile. Our first though.

In the new HomeNet 3.7 we have further boosted its mobile interface, allowing you to conveniently manage from your mobile devices your home wherever you are. In addition, the new mobile dashboard allows you to customize at will the interface and keep everything at your fingertips. And we add special support for the AirQ 340 control board that makes the system much more intuitive and faster to use.


AirQ 340 is available in both as naked board or in kit with 2 units DIN rail enclosure. You can buy it directly in our online shop. 



Power supply

12VDC @300mAh – Switching power supply is required

Power plug

5mm Barrel DC Jack; 2 pole terminal block


n°2 single pole input terminals for output voltage regulation
(Allowed voltage for each input ranging in 3-48VDC)
n°1 two poles terminal for continous 0-10VDC output
n°1 two contacts terminal
n°1 two poles power terminal connected to a switching relay
n°1 5mm DC Barrel Jack

Relay Specifications

Rated load (resistive / cosφ=1)

5A @250 VAC (NO/NC)
5A  @30 VDC   (NO/NC)

Rated carry current


Max. switching voltage

250 VAC    30 VDC

Max. switching current


Contact resistance

100 mΩ max

Life expectancy

10M mechanical operations
100k at maximum load

Analog output

0-10VDC @10mAh max

Output digital resolution

10 bit

Output precision


LED indicators

n°2 inputs (YELLOW)
n°1 relay output (RED)
n°1 status (GREEN)

Radio frequency

434 Mhz

Operative distance

Up to 500 meters in open space

Repeating function

Yes, if activated


33mm x 86mm x 20mm



Operating temperature

-10°C +55°C

Last hardware release

AirQ 340 – r1.0

Last firmware release

sNET protocol v. 5.2

AirQ 306 is compatible with the following AirQ Networks control units.


HomeNET control unit with 3.7 software release


ColdNET control unit with 3.7 software release

Can I regulate the output voltage?

 Yes, it’s possibile to regulate the output voltage both using an AirQ Networks control unit or local switches connected to inputs.

How can I setup output voltage using switches?

The output voltage can be setup using switches connected to IN1 and IN2 inputs. IN1 allows to increase output voltage, IN2 to decrease it. It’s also possibile to use a single pulse to increase up to maximum output level or to decrease down to 0V.

My LED power supply has a PWM interface. Does the board works with it?

Yes. Usually LED power supply can be regulated both with a PWM signal and a 0-10V voltage.

My LED power supply doesn't completely turn off when regulated

For this reason, AirQ 340 is equipped with a 5A power relay that turns ON when output voltage increases and turns OFF when it reaches 0V.

Live Demo

There is nothing better than taking a look to our live demo! The demo is not a simulation: it is real. Take your browser to and use the following credentials to log in:

username: admin
password: demo

And Enjoy it!