AirQ-RNG range extender

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AirQ-RNG is a range extender that extends operative range of AirQ Networks control boards and sensors. Range extenders are really useful to build large sensor networks and to extend signal in noisy environments. Range extenders are also useful to move around barriers like concrete walls, iron made panel walls and so on.


It’s possible to mix-up multiple range extenders to extend operative range if needed. Like all AIrQ Networks devices, range extenders provide an integrated battery charger and management circuit that allow them to work up to 48h in case of power failure.

AirQ-RNG Specifications
Power 12 VDC @500 mA – Power switching adapter is strong recommended
Power plug DC Barrel Jack 5mm/2.1mm center pole. Center pole is the positive one
2 pole euro-style terminal block
Backup battery Integrated Li-Po charger and manager for 3.7V battery packs. Supports battery packs from 500mAh to 4Ah.
Power consumption ~60mAh; ~500mAh during battery charging
Connectors n°1 two pole power terminal
n°1 DC Barrel Jack
n°1 Battery connector
Wireless interface 434 Mhz
Operative distance More then 500 meters in open space
sNET Node type Router
Dimensions 84mm x 50mm x 20mm
Weight 100gr
Operating temperature 0 +85°C
Last hardware release AirQ RNG – r1.1
Last firmware release sNET protocol v. 5.0
Certifications RoHS Compliant; CE