No installation


AirQ Networks control boards are wireless devices. This feature allows covering wide areas placing them wherever needed – even on multiple floors. No installation and wiring required!

Mobile ready

Web controlled

Thanks to a powerful web interface, AirQ Networks relay boards can be controlled from the web. No dedicated PC or software is required. You can control your devices wherever you are!

Always up

Backup battery

Like all AirQ Networks devices, control boards are equipped with a Li-Po battery charger and management circuit. This feature extends working time up to 5 days in case of power failure for continuous monitoring.

Build your own scenarios

Rule system

The powerful and flexible rule system equipped with all AirQ Networks control units allows building up custom use cases. User can define specific actions in response to automatic or user-generated events. In the same way system can generate SMS (text message) and E-Mail alarms.

How they work

AirQ Networks control boards are wireless I/O boards. They are equipped with relays that allow controlling external devices like lights, motors, valves, and so on. Some control boards have also four opto-isolated inputs that can be used to interact with other devices or the user through switches. AirQ Networks devices are a revolutionary products compared to other devices on the market with similar functionalities. They are part of a complete and growing system making possible to set up complex and integrated applications, remaining simple and friendly to use in the same time. AirQ Networks platform is indeed based on control boards, temperature, pressure and humidity sensors. And there is no limit to the number of devices on the same sensor network.

Wireless. Not just a plus.

wireless-connection-iconWireless is not just optional. It’s what makes they different. These days wiring is expensive in terms of wires and installation costs. Additional costs may be required to obtain authorization for the renewal of existing installations. AirQ Networks technology enables to cover wide areas easily and modify position of devices at your needs. Unlike other wireless products, AirQ Networks devices offer a longer coverage allowing to cover large areas and whole buildings using the same control unit. This dramatically simplifies the installation and reduces your investment. AirQ Networks devices work in the 434Mhz frequency range, which offers a longer coverage then devices working at 2.4Ghz. Moreover, This ensures much more reliability avoiding interfering with Wi-Fi Internet routers.

Mobile ready

phoneThese days remote access is the main aspect of automation. Remote control from mobile devices is even more important.
AirQ Networks solutions are designed to be 100% wireless: you can install our products without wiring and control them from anywhere too.

Rules: one system, countless applications

regoleThe majority of control boards around on the market allow doing fundamentally one thing: control the state of I/O (turn on/off relays and read inputs state). Some of them can be controlled only by specific software, other allow control through the Internet too. But if you are looking for something that is able to automate processes – that is a control board able to generate actions on specific events – you’ll need more specific and expensive products. Thanks to AirQ Networks rule system, equipped with all our control units, AirQ Networks control boards can be used to automate processes and to handle complex scenarios.

Inner working of rules is really simple. One or more rules can be defined on each type of device (control board, sensor, control unit, etc). Rules establish both devices work and how they interact each other. Each rule is formed by one or more conditions according the device type. For example, it’s possible to define rules related to acquired temperature of a sensor or it’s possible to define rule to specific device conditions like main power and battery status. It’s possible to define rules on I/O (relays and inputs) for all control boards. The remaining part of a rule is composed by actions that are executed when the rule matches. Actions can be operations executed on a particular device or general actions related to other functionalities such as send alarm E-Mail and SMS (text messages). Rules can have a limited working time and can be delayed too.

Live Demo

There is nothing better to take a look to our live demo! The demo is not a simulation: it’s real. Take your browser to and use the following credentials to log in:
username: admin
password: demo

Choose the right control board for you

Wireless I/O board AirQ 305

Wireless controller board with 4 relays and 4 inputs

Wireless I/O board AirQ 325 with power consumption meter

Wireless control board with 4 relays, 4 inputs and integrated power consumption meter.

Wireless 0-10V DAC

Wireless 0-10V DAC suitable for light dimming and motor control

Wireless I/O board AirQ 300

Wireless controller board with 2 relays and 4 inputs

Wireless I/O board AirQ 310

Wireless controller board with 6 relays

AirQ-RNG range extender

Range extender