HomeNET control unit

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HomeNET is the new control unit that acts as core device for a wireless sensor networks. It’s both a receiver for data coming from sensors and control boards and a coordinator that allow user to interact with all AirQ Networks devices. It’s the heart of a HomeNET system.
It provides an integrated powerful web server that allows user to access devices through an Internet connection (both local then remote).
HomeNET working is really simple and straightforward. Once it’s powered and linked to the network thorough a network router or a switch, user can access to its functionalities thorough a web browser.
HomeNET is equipped with a powerful and flexible rule system that allow user to build complex applications. Through rules user can decide how AirQ Networks devices interacts each other. For example, an AirQ 305 relay is turned on if AirQ 100 sensor detects a temperature above a given threshold. Moreover, rules allows user to set up alarms related to particular events: alarms can be sent both through E-Mail and SMS (text) messages.


1 Internal web server:  all software you need is included in the device: no installation is required!

2 Data storage: HomeNET has a large memory that allows to store up to 5 months of data.

4 Flexible and powerful rule system: HomeNET control unit provides you the flexible AirQ Networks graphical rule system. Just design your application and put it to work: they do all dirty work!

5 SMS (text message) and E-Mail alarms: thanks to rule system it’s possibile to define alarms that start when a user defined event occurs. Alarms can be also sent as SMS (text message) and E-Mail without using additional device or phone plans.

6 Monitor and command: By the included web platform you can: command control boards relays from your PC or mobile device; see the status of each control board or sensor on the network; see devices histories in tables or graphs.

7 Mobile ready: AirQ Networks web platform it’s fully compatibile with iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

9 Cloud compatibility: 100% compatible with MyHOME cloud system.

The control unit is equipped with its power adapter.

HomeNET Specifications
Power 5 VDC MicroUSB
Radio frequency 434 Mhz
Operative distance More then 500 meters in open space
On board software HomeNET
sNET Node type Router
Dimensions 73,5mm x 26,5mm x 100,6mm
Weight 130gr
Operating temperature 0 +55°C
Last hardware release HomeNET – r1.0
Certifications RoHS Compliant; CE
IP rating IP22

HomeNET can be used in a unlimited number of applications. You can pair to the control unit all control boards and sensors you want in order to build your application: home automation, industrial application, cold chain, and much more.

Take a look to our Applications Repository to see pratical examples on how use AirQ Networks products!

Live Demo

There is nothing better to take a look to our live demo! The demo is not a simulation: it’s real. Take your browser to http://airq200.airqnetworks.com:9090 and use the following credentials to log in:
username: admin
password: demo

And Enjoy it!