HomeNET Finder

HomeNET control unit is configured at factory defaults with a dynamic IP address by the router (DHCP). In order to find assigned IP address, you must to use HomeNET Finder application.


Java Installation

Java logo

In order to use HomeNET Finder, latest Java version is required. You can download it at address http://www.java.com/download/. Please, take note the at least Java 7 is required to allow HomeNET Finder to work properly.




Download and use HomeNET finder

HomeNET logo

HomeNET Finder doesn’t require any installation, just download here the application. Double-click on downloaded file to start the application.


HomeNET finder main view

Main view of HomeNET Finder

Dopo aver cliccato su "Find HomeNET", apparirà l'URL della centralina per accedere all'interfaccia web

After clicking on “Find HomeNET” button, control unit URL for access to web interface will appear on the finder view.