With products of AirQ Networks you can build unlimited applications, like industrial automation or smart home.

In this section you can read some tutorials that show some use cases or applications.

Server room control

Server room monitor is a critical task for those who need to manage servers, network devices and so on. In this tutorial you can see how to control the temperature and/or the humidity of the room, how to start alarms when there isn’t mains or if the door of the room remain open for too much time.

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Automated winery

The most critical factor in wine production is to control the fermentation process. During this process you have to control the temperatures of the tanks. Thanks to the products of AirQ Networks, you will control cooling valves and the temperatures in a very efficient way.

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Deep freezer

The conservation of goods (food, medicine, materials) is very important. Usually laboratories and industries have deep freezers for conservation. The variation of the temperature may affect the quality of a good. For this reason is important keep under control the temperatures. You can setup a control application based on AirQ Networks products.

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Engine generator control

Remote management of the engine generators is a very important application for installers and maintainers. You can setup an application based on AirQ Networks products in a simple way. Knowing if an engine generator is on or if there are some anomalies is very useful for maintainers.

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